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Our Vision

At eCOS, we envision a world where clinical research is streamlined so that truly extraordinary advances in healthcare become ordinary occurrences. Fortunately, that’s not just a world we imagine. It’s a world we’re building every day.

We do that by helping our clients - leading pharmas, CROs and academic institutions, and device manufacturers of all sizes - realize that vision by giving them the tools to overcome their most pressing challenges:

  • Paper-based methods that slow studies and increase potential for error.
  • Increasingly demanding regulatory requirements around data capture and reporting.  
  • Outdated legacy systems that are unable to incorporate modern data collection and management technologies (such as mobile and wearables).
  • Steep upfront investment costs for most integrated study management software that put those platforms out of reach, particularly for smaller CROs, sponsors and academic institutions.
  • Inherent complexities in multi-site, multi-national studies.

Put simply, at eCOS, we aim to develop and market smart software that streamlines the clinical research process and helps our clients do their work with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before. And we define “smart” as:

  • A platform that features increased speed, safety and accessibility as hallmarks.
  • A logical cost structure that lets you pay for only what you want to use and doesn’t saddle you with an outdated legacy system.
  • A consistent look and feel across study functions that decreases the learning curve and eliminates interface issues when different systems can’t talk to one another.
  • A cloud-based, scalable system that clinical researchers in all settings can tailor to their individual needs and resources.
We invite you to discover firsthand just how smart “smart research” can be. Within minutes, you’ll see how eCOS can make your corner of the research world more efficient and productive than ever before.


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