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To find the patients they need, more and more researchers are relying on international sites. With mulit-language support and built-in document translation in eClinicalOS (eCOS), speaking the same language has never been easier.


1. eClinicalOS is translated to 29 languages  
2. Upload your own translation of your Study CRF
3. One-click document translation inside the platform

You can add additional language access to your study with minimal effort. Just design your page, import the non-English translations you need, and the system will provide the appropriate pageviews. In return, you empower more effective communication with stakeholders around the globe, accelerate completion times and improve security for your translated content.


eCOS from Merge, an IBM Company gives you seamless access to TransPerfect™ document translation right inside the platform. For example, you can request a translation by just clicking a link adjacent to your document. You’ll receive an automatic notification as soon as your requested translation is returned. Seriously, it’s that easy.

On-demand document translation services provided by TransPerfect Translations International, Inc. Online at www.transperfect.com.

For a complete and up-to-date list, please visit the language list from TransPerfect.

TransPerfect™ is a trademark of TransPerfect Translations International, Inc.


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