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A Smarter Idea

It’s simply amazing what simple can do.

eClinicalOS (eCOS) is a revolutionary approach to managing clinical research data: It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based platform that lets you design and manage trials with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before. That’s why more than 50,000 researchers at pharma, biotech and medical device companies, clinical research organizations CROs (big and small, regional and global) and AROs have chosen eCOS as their go-to study management solution.


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When you put eCOS to work, you instantly become part of a clinical data management family of professional peers who, like you, are committed to conducting research smarter. Through eCOS’ industry-leading Service and Support, our Certified Designer Network and our Partner Marketplace, you capitalize on not only the expertise found within our walls, but also from technologists, translators, strategic planners and finance leaders in the industry. 


A Smarter Tool

Generate a price quote in eCOS without a sales rep

We like to think of eCOS as the tool of choice for clinical research professionals when studies are overwhelming, requirements are daunting and reliability is crucial.

It’s a highly scalable clinical data management software system that offers all of the support capabilities you need no matter the size of your study or organization. Working from a single, secure platform, you simply flip on the features that help you manage your work smarter — from building your study and managing randomization to endpoint adjudication and archiving results. eCOS sets the industry standard for a simple, straightforward user experience.

eCOS is flexible, so you can configure it precisely to your workflow. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and can be up and running in days, not months. Best of all, you don’t have to be a programmer to make the most of it. When you’re ready to get your study up and running, you decide how you want to move forward. You can build it yourself, we can build it together or you can have us build it for you. The choice is yours.

eCOS puts the power right where it belongs — squarely in your hands.


Manage and Monitor Clinical Research Smarter


From kickoff to final debriefing, eCOS has you covered every step of the way. Use our Clinical Configurator™ to design and budget your study within minutes instead of weeks. You simply tick off the functions you want, and press play to start your build. You’ll find tackling every day-to-day tasks such as recruiting, data capture, monitoring, reporting, adjudicating and more are suddenly easier than ever before.

A Smarter System

With eCOS, you have the freedom to configure a solution that meets your team’s evolving needs:

  • Choose what you want: Use our Clinical Configurator™ to build your study, selecting only those features and services
    that fit your needs. eCOS grows as you grow.
  • Pay as you go: Maximize savings as you only pay for the features you use when you use them, with no
    long-term contracts.
  • Eliminate upfront capital costs: Avoid extensive (read: expensive) technology investments through our secure cloud-based platform.
  • Skip lengthy training: Get in, get the know-how and get going — all within two weeks.
  • Get ready access: Login to a single, secure URL from anywhere using any browser or mobile device running iOS, and your complete data set is right at your fingertips.
  • Learn only one interface: Use one part of eCOS, and you’re ready to master all the rest.

Dicom ImagingA Smarter Approach

eCOS gives you more of what you want. And less of what you don’t need. 

Take our help desk, for example. You can call or chat online with the eCOS Support Center that’s staffed 24/7/365. Expert eCOS-certified designers are available to help with study design, realtime troubleshooting or just about any question or need you may have. Clients in every therapeutic area and research setting look to us as a trusted partner. And as more research is conducted globally, you’ll find eCOS travels well: It’s already at work in more than 82 countries and features on-the-fly translation of 28 languages built right into the platform, an industry first. And you can trust that eCOS will stay up to speed, no matter how fast you’re moving. In addition to publishing regular updates to our core electronic data capture and management features, we offer a suite of built-in specialty functions. You can tap those functions directly within the platform through the eCOS Marketplace, our handpicked group of platform partners.



Strengthening and streamlining electronic data capture (EDC) is at the very heart of eCOS. Yet thanks to more than a dozen powerful add-on options — from randomization and safety reporting to translation and endpoint adjudication — along with top-shelf study management and monitoring functions, you’ll quickly realize value well beyond our core EDC.


A Smarter Way to Get Started

When everybody is telling you their software is the easiest, fastest and most efficient solution out there, how do you decide which one to pick? Easy. Test drive ‘em. That’s why eCOS offers what we call the Sandbox. Within minutes, you’ll have access to every capability and service we offer so you can experience first-hand what it’s like to use our system in a real-world environment. 

Jump in the Sandbox!

Start a sandbox account today by visiting our Start A Study section. You can also speak with one of our eCOS experts by contacting a member of our International Sales Department at 866.387.4257. If you are located outside the continental United States, you may also dial +1.919.653.3400.