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Study Testing

Before you can “go live,” you’ve got to “go test.” Fortunately, the study testing module from eClinicalOS (eCOS) makes that a smooth process from the word “go.”


1. Automate scenario creation for both complete studies and fit-for-use delta scenarios
2. Capitalize on study testing documentation that’s embedded within the platform and tracked
3. Manage your testing configuration and workflow to conform to your SOPs/processes

The secret to engineering excellence isn’t complicated. It’s built on two pillars: smart design and thorough testing.

Clinical research excellence is no different. For a study to “go right” after it “goes live,” it takes more than just a well-crafted design. It requires that every aspect of the design is tested to ensure it will work at precisely the right time and in precisely the right way.

design_02Run Full-System Scans

That’s where Study Testing from Merge Healthcare will make your life easier. Available as part of  the eCOS platform, Study Testing gives you the power to run full-system scans that automatically generate testing scenarios built on industry-standard templates or fit-for-use delta scenarios you create. Or, if you prefer, you can manually design and deploy a wide range of custom test cases tailored to your workflow and specifications. You can even scan one study design and replicate other cases based on that design.

Manage Permissions

eCOS lets you add permissions manually one at a time, import them from one of the many templates built right into the system, or import them from another study. Once added, the permissions will always be available until you decide to remove them.

design_01Demonstrate Review and Control

One click produces a controlled testing document comprising an audit-trailed itemized list of all test cases as well as the status of all requested changes and additional test cases. Study testing documentation is embedded within the eCOS platform, and all testing data are tracked and associated with each individual trial. You can track progress, provide multiple-user access without collating multiple sources, and demonstrate appropriate review and control over your work.

Coordinate Testing Among Team Members

Should pilot runs suggest a need for design changes, you can perform a data flush and cycle back to the beginning in a matter of minutes. You also can effortlessly set user permissions, so it’s a breeze to coordinate the testing process among team members, no matter their location. And eCOS automatically coordinates document testing, providing you expected/actual outcomes.

eCOS Study Testing is so intuitive, powerful and easy to use, you might just find that “test” is no longer a four-letter word.

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