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Study Manager

Monitor your study from both near and far. And manage it both then and now.


1. Access all study and site documents, tasks and progress tracking in one place
2. Streamline workflow by automating key monitoring activities
3. Facilitate better financial management and tracking of your study

Study Manager, the clinical trial management module from Merge Healthcare, gives you handy, Web-based study management tools to centralize essential study details and provide instant access to them anytime, anywhere.

Study Manager offers fingertip access to information that helps save time, improve productivity and enhance overall compliance.

study_managerAccelerate Your Study Startup

With Study Manager, you’ll make quick work of study configuration and system launch (and rest assured, you won’t need any programming experience to get that done). We provide the framework and training to get you up and running quickly, so you’ll be productive in no time —  think days, not months.

Centralize Your Study and Site Details

Through Study Manager, your team can access a single data repository for all of your operation’s key study information. Study progress and milestones. Essential documents. All in one place, all accessible through one portal by the users you designate. Searching for a particular document among hundreds? It’s no problem — just type a few relevant letters into the search bar, and study manager will find it for you!  

Centralize Document Management

Study Manager’s Document Library allows you to standardize your document’s names and metadata centrally, across all of your studies. Then, at the study level or the site level, you can upload the actual files representing those documents. Additionally, you’re able to keep track of those documents’ revisions with statuses that you define.

Manage Study Progress

Point, click, get assurance: You can track study progress from protocol design to study close, checking in on progress indicators of key milestones that you define. By choosing to track study subjects with Study Connect, you also benefit from access to real-time enrollment totals.

Capture and Approve Monitor Trip Reports

You’ll find Study Manager is the perfect tool to build site-monitoring visit templates and centrally manage monitoring reports, including electronic trip report submissions and approvals. The benefits? Better visibility into site progress and data quality along with increased efficiency.

Manage Budgets and Site Payments

With Study Manager, you can record details of the final budgets negotiated with your sites (using the terms from your contracts), and then track accrued expenses and payables in real time thanks to automatic, user-defined payment triggers.

It’s true — the best decisions are the most informed ones. Fortunately with Study Manager, you’ll have on-demand access to precisely the kind of information that helps you advance your studies with entirely new levels of control and confidence.

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