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Study Start-Up Options

It’s no secret the first step is the most important. And you’ll find eClinicalOS (eCOS) an ideal partner whether we’re leading or advancing side by side with you.


1. Choose how much help you want
2. Finish your study build fast (think “one week”)
3. Speed deployment through an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface

With eCOS, designing and launching a study has never been easier. eCOS affords you unparalleled choice not only in how you build your study, but also who builds it, how it’s built and when you deploy.

With Merge Healthcare, you can choose the level of input and control you want in the design process to get things rolling. We can manage the entire project on your behalf or help you learn the eCOS platform while we build your study together. We stand at the ready to contribute our expertise whenever and wherever you need it.


Study-Build Structure

Our teams work together to build your study

We build your study from start to finish

Study-Build Speed

90% completed within one week

At a pace you define

eCOS Certification Status

Each of your designers earn eCOS certification We provide eCOS-certified designers


Get trained on eCOS Optional

In person
(your office or ours)

In person
(your office or ours)

Mentor Build: We Build It With You

We’re big fans of collaboration. The better we understand your project and its goals, after all, the better equipped we’ll be to help you put the full power of eCOS to work.

Choose our most popular design option, Mentor Build, and we’ll work together as a team — in person — to build your study either at your place or ours. You and your team will be trained on the “how-to’s” and “that’s why’s” of the eCOS platform, and you’ll leave fully prepared to use the system on your first study and all that follow. And because 90 percent of Mentor Build studies are completed within one week (yep, that’s right, one week), you’ll be able to launch your study faster than ever before.

Off-Site Training
With our Mentor Build Off-Site model, we train your team to go from being “competent” on the system to being “confident” on it. This training is most often conducted at our offices near Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Though we’re working together to design one of your actual trials, the goals are to train your team and finish the build. We empower your team to take the reins of eCOS and guide the study to testing and launch. The benefits? Your study is up and running quickly (days, not months), and your team can become eCOS-Certified Designers and apply their knowledge to future studies.

On-Site Training

With our Mentor Build On-Site option, we come to you and together build your study over the course of fewer than five days. Through this collaboration, we walk you through the entire design process, answering any questions you may have along the way. Ins and outs, tips and tricks — we help your team learn how to leverage every aspect of the eCOS platform. Your team learns everything it needs to know to successfully conduct not only this first implementation with the extensive eCOS platform, but also every one that follows.

Full-Service: We Build It For You 

design_01When you don’t have the time or resources for a hands-on approach, eCOS offers a Full-Service option.

In this alternative, our team manages the entire design process from end-to-end on your behalf. We work with you upfront to define the study’s scope and objectives along with the detailed specifications that comprise the study architecture. Then our team of eCOS-Certified designers build, test and prepare the study for a flawless deployment. We keep you informed of our progress every step of the way to ensure we stay on target and get your study ready for go-live as quickly as possible. In fact, the majority of our clients’ studies go live within 30 days.


Become a Certified Study Designer  

Once you're trained on our study build process, you have the option to take a test and become an official eCOS Certified Study Designer. Many clients choose to do this as part of the Mentor Build program. Our certification process prepares you to put the full power of the system to work and manage whatever your studies demand. And, of course, once your study is up and running, you can count on 24/7/365 Level 1 customer support that lets you connect with our team in the way that best fits your needs — via phone, email, live chat, Twitter or in person.


Free: Watch our “User Acceptance Training” webinar recording!

Our platform expert, Joseph Maxey will show you how to effectively coordinate your testing and improve the quality of your UAT as well as speed up the execution of your UAT process. To access this webinar (both video and audio), simply click the button below!

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Speak with an expert.

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