Smart Reports | Powered by SAS® Visual Analytics

Unleash the power of your data and discover fresh insights that help you make better decisions.

  • Robust visualization options, including tree maps, geolocation charts and more
  • Compare data, performance and more across sites and patient populations
  • Single-sign on, drag-and-drop convenience and virtual real-time reports 

No matter how strong your electronic data capture (EDC) system, how experienced your team or how well-designed your trial, your study will fall short of success if the data can’t be thoroughly analyzed, reported and interpreted.

That’s where Smart Reports comes in.Smart_Reports_5.png

Powered by SAS Visual Analytics (VA), our Smart Reports module creates single-study and cross-study reports that help you draw better visual and logical conclusions across data sets. Through a state-of-the-art analytics visualization platform, Smart Reports lets you uncover fresh insights, patterns and relationships in your data that may not be obvious.

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Fully Integrated With eCOS

Customized expressly for clinical researchers, Smart Reports is fully integrated into our industry-leading eClinicalOS® (eCOS) platform. With single sign-on, you can harness the power of SAS VA without having to leave eCOS and export data back into it. And the Smart Reports data warehouse refreshes the system every 30 minutes, giving you valuable insights into all of your clinical data, metadata and audit-trail data in near real-time.

Maximum Control, Maximum Convenience

Smart Reports lets eCOS study designers customize exactly what data will be featured in which reports. Designers can add role and site permissions so reports and the data presented are available only to the right users. And end users never have to access the SAS VA engine; they see reports inside eCOS and can review, add comments and download them directly. With Smart Reports, you'll have full access to the power of SAS VA without a separate license.

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