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Site Documents

Documentation is an inescapable part of clinical research. But the headaches that go with it don’t have to be. (We’ve got just the escape hatch.).


1. Single repository for any clinical research site document
2. Easy access any time to essential study details, in a secure environment from any Web-enabled device.
3. Prioritize and catalog all of your research and administrative documents.

Remember all those predictions of “The Paperless Office”? Yeah, we do, too. Scary thing is, even if every document in your clinical studies could be digital, you’d still be juggling thousands of pages of clinical forms, reports and spreadsheets.

Only with the Site Documents tool from eClinicalOS (eCOS), it’ll feel like you’re juggling a lot, lot less.

data_imports_mgmtSite Documents lets you create a single repository for each and every one of your clinical research site documents. That’s every protocol template. Every case report form. Every adverse event log. And that’s just for starters. Spreadsheets, PDF files, clinical notes — all of them find a home in one system, under one roof.

While storing every document in one spot is a good start, you still need to be able to find what you need, when you need it. (Think the junk drawer in your kitchen.) Site Documents organizes your essential study details and provides easier access anytime, anywhere through a secure environment that’s accessible from any Web-enabled device. Key information is at your team’s fingertips for better efficiency and overall compliance.

You can prioritize and catalog all of your research and administrative documents — each study’s contacts, progress and milestones, enrollment details, etc. — and upload them for storage. Site Documents makes them available according to the context (site, patient, field, etc.) and individual permissions you specify.

We built a Site Documents solution in eCOS that truly makes managing study data in all its various forms easier and more efficient. And we think that’s an achievement worth documenting.

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