FAQs: CTMS for Investigators 

What is CTMS for Investigators? 

CTMS for Investigators from Merge Healthcare is a comprehensive clinical trial management system (CTMS) that gives you a robust set of tools to track key study data and enhance your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Feature-rich, scalable and secure, CTMS for Investigators streamlines the study management process and organizes your work so you can:

  • Assess study feasibility and negotiate more profitable contracts.
  • Manage patient recruitment more effectively and become known as a “high enroller.”
  • Manage your financials and performance with comprehensive budgeting, revenue tracking and invoicing.
  • Ensure quick user adoption with an intuitive interface built on tab-based navigation, user-customizable fields, and fewer clicks to enter, view and report data.

How does CTMS for Investigators add value to my current systems and processes?

CTMS for Investigators adds value to your operation by capturing in a static “visit template” key reference points related to the trial such as:

  • Protocol Compliance – the required procedures/steps that need to be completed to ensure the safety of your patients and the accuracy of the study data 

  • Billing Compliance – who the established payer is for a particular study visit or procedure 

  • Research Cost Estimates – an estimate of the costs for each visit or series of visits in your 
research project.

How can CTMS for Investigators help ensure procedures are tagged accurately?

Using a visit template in CTMS for Investigators where each procedure is tagged correctly ahead of time helps ensure your team enters and records correct entries. 

What’s a common example of value I’ll see with CTMS for Investigators?

By using more general procedure definitions, you’ll save staff time when recording your subject visits in CTMS for Investigators and still get the primary value out of the entries:

  • A protocol compliance checklist.
  • The ability to reconcile procedures being billed (e.g., that research staff actually did perform a chest X-ray for a specific patient on a specific date).
  • A real-time, running total of the “estimate” costs that have been incurred in relation to a trial.

CTMS for Investigators budgets and entries also become your new source for the revenue your organization is earning.

CTMS for Investigators: Implement. Optimize. Thrive.

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