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With eClinicalOS (eCOS), you get all the standard reporting tools you need. And all the advanced report functions you want. .


1. Unlimited access to your data
2. Gain deeper understanding through advanced ad-hoc reporting
3. Export into popular formats such as SAS®, Access®, Excel® and many more

How can you spot an effective study report? Simple: It’s the one with dog-eared pages from being read so much.

At Merge Healthcare, that’s precisely what we help you create — with ease. Reports that are timely. Meaningful. Accurate. In short, the kind that are read, referenced and acted upon. Two reporting levels ensure you can tailor our reporting solution to match your specific needs.

Level I Reporting

Included as part of the standard eCOS offering (as in, you don’t pay extra), Level I reporting lets you choose from dozens of the most common pre-programmed reports or define your own reports using our handy data-listing reporting tool.

You can pick any combination of data points, in any tables, across any pages. In addition, you can choose to generate reports in a wide range of file formats such as SAS, XML, Access, Excel and CSV. We also provide PDF exporting for blank CRFs, CRF data, study configuration, mid-study update reports and testing.

level2_reporting_01Level II Reporting

Sometimes, though, you might need to dig deeper into the data to meet a special set of regulatory guidelines. Or be able to survey operational and clinical trends across a range of studies. Or use your data to spot opportunities to save time and money the next time around.

For those times, eCOS offers advanced reporting through a powerful data analysis and visualization system created specifically for clinical research professionals. Among its most valuable features are:

  • Intelligent highlights and filters — Sift through your data quickly to compare specific sub-populations or set highlights for anomalous outliers
  • Intuitive graphs and visualizations — See a clear picture through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop function that produces line charts, scatter plots, column and bar graphs, and many more
  • Interactive dashboards — Get a high-level overview of your most important metrics from any Web browser or mobile device
Available in the eCOS Marketplace, this option lets you expand your reporting capability to match virtually any need you can imagine. Best of all, you can add the tool at any point during your study. No upfront costs, no long-term contracts. It’s just that simple.

Whether you’re pulling numbers from a Phase I trial with nine patients at the clinic next door or a Phase III study at 36 sites stretching across three continents, eCOS helps you bring it all together.

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