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Randomization and Inventory Management

Randomize to any schema. Manage inventory. Safely assign treatment groups. With eClinicalOS (eCOS), it’s easier than ever to practice random acts of efficiency. 


1. Eliminate need for separate imports and tools  
2. Randomize easily through our wizard-driven user interface
3. Save time and money with built-in inventory management and dispensing

Thanks to built-in system checks and system guidance, eCOS Randomization lets you safely randomize study subjects with untold ease (the kind you’ll want to tell everybody about).

One Platform for All Randomization Needs 

randomization_01There's a truly singular measure of productivity that comes from managing all your randomization tasks within a single platform. After all, you won’t need to schedule additional imports or have to string together disparate Web services that don’t always play nice with one another. 

Take your Integrated Web Response (IWR) system, for instance. In many platforms, trying to connect that system to your electronic data capture system is like trying to tie a honey badger to a hummingbird. Beyond being a considerable source of frustration, making that connection can end up as a painful breaking point in your trial.

eCOS can house all your randomization and data capture needs without the need to purchase expensive customized connections. Because you’re working within one consistent, integrated interface, you don’t have to log into a portal or an entirely different system altogether to finish the next task.

Upload and Manage Randomization

inventory_dispense_02You also can manage your randomization assignment needs using our powerful wizard-driven user interface. eCOS gives you the options to randomize subjects automatically or manually based on specific criteria you designate. Stratify by any data point, site, study or virtually any other criteria. With eCOS, you can randomize from a single static list as needed.

Not only can you enable randomization through the Web, but eCOS also lets you randomize data remotely using our Study Connect mobile app (available in the Apple store). Yep, that’s right: we’ve put the power to randomize safely and securely in the palm of your hand from anywhere, at anytime.

Manage Inventory Seamlessly

inventory_dispense_03Everyone who loves spreadsheets, raise your hand. Come on, don’t be shy... Yeah, us, too!

That’s why we baked the ability to manage all dispensing and inventory needs right into the eCOS platform. Tracking who has what, where and when can be costly and difficult not to mention dangerous if mistakes are made.

inventory_dispense_01Within eCOS, we’ll show you a better way. From a handy dashboard that provides an up-to-the-minute status overview of your research inventory, you coordinate the entire distribution and tracking process in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. Even better, the tool lets you track shipments of any type from depot-to-depot and control stock across sites through an auto-resupply option.

The bottom line? Even while running trials at record pace, some tasks are too important to be left to chance. Thankfully, through eCOS Randomization and Inventory Management, you'll find that "efficiency" becomes the perfect companion to "safety and security."

Free: Watch our “Randomization” webinar recording!

Learn how to randomize to any schema, manage inventory and safely assign treatment groups. Our platform expert, Joseph Maxey will show you how you can:

  • Eliminate need for separate imports and tools.
  • Randomize easily through our wizard-driven user interface.
  • Save time and money with built-in inventory management and dispensing. 

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