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Medical Coding

No dots and dashes. No mumbo or jumbo. No “alpha,” “bravo” or “charlie.” With Medical Coding from eClinicalOS, deciphering “efficiency” has never been easier.


1. Ensure consistency among users with a single system
2. Designate user roles by permission
3. Import coding from one study to another and maintain uniformity

med_coding_01Through Medical Coding from eClinicalOS (eCOS), all users access the same system. So users who perform medical coding can effortlessly capitalize on electronic data capture for data review, queries and other study tasks. All the information they need is right there for all of them, all day, every day.

Plus, they can save the time and resources that accompany additional tracking and storage of files, not to mention eliminate all the opportunities for errors that creep in when multiple coding systems are used.

Putting our Medical Coding module to work is easy.

Before or even during go-live, you simply establish “yes/no” responses, assign roles and designate your verbatims. Different roles can be ascribed to different sets of users, and you can allow specific coders to have special permissions. You don’t need to have a designated team in place to make the most of coding — anyone on your team who’s been cross-trained can assign and access codes. That’s all there is to it.

For longer studies, Medical Coding from eCOS has you covered for MedDRA updates. You can update your dictionary of verbatims during a study to ensure your adverse event codes are aligned with FDA requirements. Autocoding checks entries against both dictionary and approved study coding, and you can import coding from one study to the next to maintain valuable consistency (and save time in the process).


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