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Marketplace Partners

When you combine the leading study management platform with on-demand services from a roster of premier partners that’s always expanding, you’ve got more than best in class. You’ve got the best of all possible worlds.  

There are specialized technology service providers out there who can help you master virtually every aspect of your study. Fortunately for Merge Healthcare clients, we’ve already done that. Better still, we’ve seamlessly integrated them into the eClinicalOS (eCOS) family.

Our hand-picked, premier platform partners, including:


Almac provides the most comprehensive range of clinical services extending from research through pharmaceutical and clinical development to commercialisation of product. Over 600 companies worldwide, including all the market leaders, use our services, testament itself to the quality, innovation and efficiency of our business as proven over the past 30 years. Almac services include:

  • Biomarker Discovery & Development
  • API Serivces & Chemical Development
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Analytical Services
  • Clinical Trial Supply
  • Clinical Technologies
  • Commercial Services 

Online at: http://www.almacgroup.com


Remarque RBM is a comprehensive, purpose-built, risk-based monitoring software application for designing, deploying, and managing Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) trials.

Remarque RBM uses advanced visualizations, analytics, and machine learning for robust risk prediction, detection, analysis, and management. It is designed to fit into existing R&D ecosystems with no new software/hardware requirements.

Remarque is integrated with eCOS, and can seamlessly exchange data for use as a companion product.  The integration of platforms also provides the benefit of shared functionality, such as Signal-Driven SDVTM.

To learn more, contact your local Merge business development representative.

Online at: www.RemarqueSystems.com


The proprietary interactive communication system from Emmi™ helps researchers connect and engage with patients in real time. Through computers, tablets and mobile devices, messages from Emmi prompt study participants to take the right actions at the right time.

  • Provides more reliable patient data capture
  • Allows for better adherence to study protocols
  • Generates more dynamic and effective patient communication
  • Works across all browsers and platforms
  • Requires no installation or maintenance
  • Deploys as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with existing systems

Online at: http://www.emmisolutions.com


Etera Solutions helps researchers see the proverbial “big picture” and then helps them improve their processes through the application of smart technologies. It also provides Implementation and validation, Database programming, Statistical programming and CDISC programming support for FDA submissions.

  • Maximizes uptime for system wide clinical trial technologies
  • Provides ideal pathways for integrating solutions across clinical functions
  • Accelerates the time to study completion by streamlining data flow, analysis and reporting

Online at: http://eterasolutions.com


Greenphire® puts the power of technology in researchers’ hands to make global clinical payments simpler, faster and easier to track.

  • Enables automation and centralization of global payment processes
  • Replaces historically burdensome and inaccurate manual processes with platform-driven tools
  • Turns tactical task-driven manual processes into globally automated strategic processes
  • Provides on-demand access to granular reporting and analytics for budgeting, forecasting, accruals, Sunshine Act disclosures, and other clinical operational business intelligence
  • Produces quantifiable results that improve clinical operations and strategic planning

Online at: http://www.greenphire.com


TransPerfect® provides researchers with linguistic experts who have proven scientific know-how to accurately translate clinical trial information and insights.

TransPerfect is a family of companies providing global business services in more than 170 languages.

  • Accelerates completion time of global and/or multilingual studies
  • Significantly reduces localization costs
  • Enhances the control of content for regulatory compliance
  • Safeguards the security of source and translated content
  • Lets you communicate seamlessly with international audiences

Online at: http://www.transperfect.com  


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