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Become an eCOS-Certified Partner

You’ve seen what value eClinicalOS (eCOS) from Merge Healthcare brings your clients. Now to discover the value that it can bring your business.

No matter the size of your operation, you’re always at the ready to maximize value from every study you manage, from Phase I to Phase IV and all points in between. Think of becoming an eCOS-Certified Partner as becoming certified in repeat business. 

Training and Support

When you become an eCOS-Certified Partner, we train you and your team to put the full power of the system to work. Every process. Every critical function. Every time-saving shortcut. Our certification process prepares you to manage whatever your clients’ studies demand.

Certified Designer

  • Build and deliver studies independently
  • Benefit from a new revenue stream
  • Leverage eCOS to improve organizational efficiency

Sales Team Cross Training

  • Co-develop shared sales and marketing strategies
  • Receive eCOS sales training for your sales team to better position you to customers
  • Gain in-depth understanding of eCOS platform benefits and market position
  • Teach eCOS sales team about your company for referral opportunities

Dedicated eCOS Solutions Manager

  • Access all project, training and support needs through a single eCOS contact
Marketing and Sales Support

One of the most valuable benefits of being an eCOS-Certified Partner is the opportunity our teams have to collaborate on sales and marketing efforts.

Joint Marketing Materials

  • Capitalize on partnership sales kit and tools, including printed collateral and brochures
  • Leverage co-branded presentation slides
  • Generate efficiencies through shared materials for trade shows and conferences
  • Boost brand awareness on the eCOS Partner Wall (used at large industry venues)
  • Publish white papers on joint customer successes

Collaborative Marketing and Promotion

  • Seek joint presentation and publishing opportunities
  • Announce partnership and customer success stories via our online media room
  • Host and promote joint webinars 
  • Appear on the eCOS website via a member profile in the Marketplace section (with links back to your site)
  • Strengthen customer sales calls and bid defenses with the eCOS sales team
  • Identify additional prospects through shared target accounts and team-selling opportunities
  • Increase your conference profile with shared schedule and coordinated promotion
Collaborative Product Development

Best of all, as an eCOS-Certified Partner you have a voice in directing the platform’s development. Through a range of activities, you and your team can influence the direction of eCOS and help ensure it continues to be the industry’s most useful and innovative data management system.

Ongoing Activities

  • Access, preview and test upcoming eCOS releases through our secure beta site

Monthly Activities

  • Participate in your eCOS team partnership meeting
  • Discuss on-going projects and opportunities
  • Engage with leadership to share evolving requirements

Quarterly Activities

  • Serve on eCOS Technology Advisory Board
  • Provide input into our roadmap and product development

Annual Activities

  • Participate in eCOS User Group Annual Meeting
  • Meet one-on-one with a broad cross-section of CROs and pharmaceutical, biotech and device sponsor executives
  • Gain valuable insights into customer needs and industry trends
  • Enhance profile through presentations and strategy sessions


Get Certified:

Eight of the world’s top 10 CROs have become Certified Partners of eClinicalOS. That means they’re always at the ready to maximize value from every study they manage, from Phase I to Phase IV and all points in between. And that value gets passed on, even multiplied, to their clients.



Watch our webinar: "eClinicalOS The Single Solution"

With over 15 built-in optional modules and system features, you can configure eCOS any way you like. Randomization, dispense, ePRO and other versatile options can be added with a simple mouse click. Only need one module? We can do that too. A single sign-on gives you access to an entire suite of tools to manage and run your trial. Click the button below to access our webinar “eClinicalOS The Single Solution."

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Interested in taking the next step in becoming a part of our Certified Designer Partnership Program? Contact bizdev@eclinicalos.com to get started.