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System Features

Want to learn more about eClinicalOS (eCOS) but don’t have a lot of time right now? No worries. That’s one of the great things about the system: One glance tells you everything you need to know.

One system. One database. One platform. All in one place.

Does keeping track of study data sometimes feel like you’re trying to juggle knives? You’re not alone. Using multiple systems that don’t always play nice with one another can cost you time, money and sanity at work.

We think differently. eCOS is built on the idea of a common operating platform that ties together every aspect of study and data management. With eCOS, sponsors, CROs, clinicians, site managers and even patients have a full suite of integrated tools and services to access anytime, anywhere and from any device, including:

Study Startup

  • Add Studies on Demand
  • Study Design Wizard
  • In-System Clinical Configurator
  • MultiStudy Access
  • Electronic Signatures

Reuse Features

  • Import Full Study
  • Import Study Process
  • Import Study Build
  • Import Pages

Study Design

  • Customizable Workflow
  • Top-Down CRF Layout
  • Grid-Format CRF Layout
  • CRF Preview
  • Auto-Calculation Fields
  • Standard Edit Checks Wizard
  • Cross-Page System Queries/Edit Checks
  • Data Value Triggers
  • Page/Visit Dynamics
  • Page- and Field-Specific Role Permissions
  • Change Request Module (UAT Management)
  • Report Customization
  • Configurable Exporting Options
  • CDISC/CDASH Libraries


  • ePRO/Electronic Diary
  • Randomization/Stratification
  • Inventory Management
  • Endpoint Adjudication
  • Medical Coding
  • Lab Normals
  • Data Imports/API Services
  • Embedded Translation Support
  • Ad Hoc Report
  • Safety Reporting
  • Study Testing Module
  • Training Tracking/Blocks Module
  • Study Connect Mobile App

Study Conduct

  • Source Data Verification
  • User Account Management
  • Site Setup and Management
  • Import Sites from Excel®
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Study Message Alerts
  • Blank and Subject PDF Generation
  • Custom Query Types
  • SDV Status
  • Upload Page Attachments
  • Electronically Link Pages
  • Data Listings
  • DICOM Imaging
  • Mid-Study Updates
  • Study Home with Graphs/Shortcuts
  • Multiple Subject Revision Moves
  • Document Viewer/Markup Tool
  • System Notifications for Workflow

Study Management

  • Team/Workgroup Structure Options
  • Customizable Live Support Information
  • Live Deployment by Sponsor/CRO
  • Study Documentation
  • Subject Casebook Generation
  • Data Exports in Multiple Formats
  • Data Exports on Demand
  • Automatic Export to sFTP site


  • 24/7/365 Phone and Online Support
  • Training and Certification Options
  • Study Design, Development and Deployment Support 
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Customized Training Manuals
  • Customized Training Videos

Continually updated to reflect client feedback and the latest Web technologies, eCOS provides all of the tools, capabilities and functions needed throughout the study lifecycle. And you can see what’s on the horizon by joining the conversation at our online eCOS roadmap and helping our development team shape the platform’s future.

Want to see all these features come together? Watch our pre-recorded "Intro to eClinicalOS" Webinar here!

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Watch our webinar: "eClinicalOS The Single Solution"

With over 15 built-in optional modules and system features, you can configure eCOS any way you like. Randomization, dispense, ePRO and other versatile options can be added with a simple mouse click. Only need one module? We can do that too. A single sign-on gives you access to an entire suite of tools to manage and run your trial. Click the button below to access our webinar “eClinicalOS The Single Solution."

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