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ePRO: Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes

Just imagine the benefits of being able to collect all of the data you need from your patients anywhere, at any time. Or, better yet, try ePRO from eClinicalOS (eCOS) and realize those benefits firsthand.


1. Capture subject data directly from patients naturally, efficiently and easily
2. Capitalize on easy-to-build ePRO forms
3. Get full support for standardized questionnaires

Getting the best data from patients requires creating the best reporting habits. And the best way to get patients in the habit of sharing accurate outcomes data in a timely way is to make it easy. Beyond easy, really.

epro_01That’s precisely where the electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) module comes in. Through ePRO, you simply design the questionnaires you want participants to complete in their electronic diaries, and then specify when or how often they should complete them.

The ePRO system provides a secure way for subjects to enter diary information in the way that’s best aligned with their day-to-day lifestyle — via computer, tablet, smartphone or other device. So patients are more likely to comply with data gathering requirements, meaning you’re better positioned to capitalize on these benefits:

  • Quicker access to primary efficacy data from each patient’s perspective
  • Better decision making through the evaluation of up-to-date source data
  • Greater data accuracy (some treatment effects, after all, are known only to the patient)
  • Reduced data cleaning costs
  • Faster discovery of adverse events
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating double data entry and the need to decipher illegible handwriting
  • Faster validation of all data — even in multilingual, global studies — through a single database
  • Easier deployment of mid-study changes to keep studies on track and on budget

That’s all just for starters. With ePRO from eCOS, you’ll find features — like single- and multi-question views, data annotations, and full integration with eCOS’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Interactive Web Response (IWR) functions — that will enhance your ability to collect more reliable data across different therapies, populations and geographies.

Best of all, you and your patients will find ePRO so easy to use that it becomes a hard habit to break. The end result is quicker access to better data and a smoother path to study success.

Introducing our NEW ePRO Mobile App: My Clinical Diary

We’re so excited to announce the launch of My Clinical Diarya new mobile app that lets study
participants log their data from any iOS-enabled smartphone with web access. Fully integrated into the eClinicalOS
platform, the app streamlines how you collect and manage patient study data. 

My Clinical Diary


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