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Endpoint Adjudication

Can you really call it an “endpoint” if the adjudication of it never seems to end? When you’re ready for a better, smarter way, start here.


1. Electronic capture of source docs and endpoint details
2. Paperless workflow coordination
3. Convenient and efficient online access for sites, adjudicators and coordinators

Get control of your workflow. Get caught up on nagging administrative tasks. Get ahead on a new project. Those are just a few examples of how you can spend the time you’ll save with the Endpoint Adjudication module.

The eClinicalOS (eCOS) Endpoint Adjudication module is unique: it gives everyone in the process — sites, coordinators and adjudicators — online access to every important study document. It not only automatically compiles an electronic dossier of all required endpoint details and source documents, it allows any authorized user to see the original materials if they want. 

And our Endpoint Adjudication module doesn’t play favorites. It works as seamlessly with a legacy EDC system as it does with the eCOS platform. That’s just one reason why 90 percent of adjudication centers worldwide use eCOS.

Since 2004, our clients have relied on this powerhouse of a tool to streamline their adjudication process, avoid needless errors and decrease cycle times. With eCOS Endpoint Adjudication, the quality control process is one step. Highly scalable, it can handle any size study, any number of sites, anywhere in the world.

What needs to happen Capture and report all endpoint details, source documents Quality assurance and assembly of required elements Ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance
What typically gets in the way Paper overload, EDC incompatibility, time delays Coordination process by hand wastes time, resources Paper review process cumbersome, inefficient
How eCOS Endpoint Adjudication helps Extracts and captures endpoints and source documents electronically from any EDC Provides integrated online quality assurance and automatic assembly of comprehensive digital dossier Provides online dossier as well as links to view original endpoint details and source documents

eam_01One Dashboard, Multiple Benefits

It starts with a collaborative workspace that brings together various endpoint management and workflows into a single interconnected system. One dashboard lets you manage every aspect of the adjudication process. And because you configure the system to your needs, CEC members and other stakeholders can access all essential workflows — including paired consensus, parallel review, expert review and direct-to-committee needs — in one convenient place.

Manage multi-phase adjudication with ease:

  • Experience flexibility and control with customizable endpoint management workflow
  • Improve data quality through eCRFs
  • Know immediately when documents are ready for review through auto alerts/notifications
  • Reduce costs with fewer paper documents to track, ship and review
  • Expedite cycle times with online redaction tool and direct, electronic collection of source documents
  • Increase convenience for adjudicators with access to assignments and dossiers from anywhere, at any time
  • Monitor real-time metrics and study listings

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