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EDC (Electronic Data Capture)

Today, it’s an accepted business reality: “The only bad decision is no decision.” But in clinical trial management, bad decisions may have too great a cost. That’s why so many research teams rely on EDC from Merge Healthcare to help them turn timely insights into smart decisions.


  1. Leverage end-to-end visibility and decision management capabilities
  2. Speed and strengthen decision making with accurate, real-time data available 24/7
  3. Enhance compliance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Merge Healthcare's cloud-based electronic data collection (EDC) platform is an advanced, adaptable and intuitive data-capture solution that provides end-to-end visibility and powerful patient, site and trial management capabilities. As the core of our eClinicalOS (eCOS) platform, Merge Healthcare's EDC system centralizes and organizes essential trial details and gives you 24/7 access to all study data from any Web-enabled device.

Put simply, you’ll have the insights you need to make the right decisions fast.

EDC from Merge Healthcare: Because in clinical research, Every Decision Counts.

Core Benefits

  • Make smarter, faster decisions throughout the trial’s lifecycle with total visibility into trial and site performance, progress and compliance.

  • Verify data quality through a dynamic business-process engine that supports multiple workflows.

  • Capitalize on Adaptive Study designs through robust, real-time reporting capabilities that enable better integration of study information and knowledge.

  • Enjoy secure access to all your studies and application through a single username and password.

Core capabilities

  • Accelerate study startup
    No programming experience is needed and system configuration time is kept to a minimum. We provide the framework and training to get you up and running quickly (in as few as 10 days), so you can start making productivity gains from the get-go.

  • Centralize study and site details
    Use a single repository for all of your operation’s study information, including each trial’s contacts, progress and milestones, enrollment details, and the status of the study and site documents.

  • Manage study progress
    Track progress from study initiation activities through to close-out with user-defined progress indicators, enrollment targets, real-time enrollment totals and current subject status.

  • Capture and approve monitor trip reports
    Build the requirements for your site monitoring visits, centrally manage monitoring assignments, and oversee the processes for electronic trip report submission, review and approval.

  • Manage budgets and site payments
    Record details of the final budgets negotiated with your sites (using the terms specified in your contracts), then track expenditures and payables in real-time with payment triggers initiated by users at sites or in-house.

  • Simplify study reporting
    Export the summary views directly to Microsoft Excel® report formats, choose from 25-plus built-in report templates or configure reports to meet your specific business needs.

  • Scale the solution for your needs
    Allow your teams to use the trial management 
tools independently or share information across 
all therapeutic areas, departments and phases of research.  T
    he Merge eClinical team understands that managing a study can be complex and highly stressful. That’s why we bundle Merge eClinical’s clinical trial management tools with proven training and support options for a complete study management solution. Our feature set adapts to all types of clinical studies, including:

    • Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV interventional studies
    • Medical device trials
    • Observational, registry and prevention studies
    • Genetic investigations
    • Diagnostic trials
    • Outcomes research
  • Secure access and hosting
    Our clinical trial management tools are available through a secure, on-demand, cloud-based solution. With our worry-free hosting, your data is protected by enterprise-class firewalls, industry-standard encryption and a physically secure, fire-protected, and earthquake- resistant building. Data is backed up five times every 24 hours, and we regularly maintain and update all system hardware and software.

  • Protect your data with strong security and regulatory compliance
    Our clinical trial management tools offer a high level of security and include all of the elements needed to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance as well as a host of other designations. Access is authenticated with password-strength requirements, encryption, and aging and expiration options. Permissions are granted on a feature-by-feature, “need-to-know” basis, and the system creates a navigable audit trail of user activity and terminates inactive sessions to protect confidential information.

EDC from Merge Healthcare: Because more timely and well-informed decisions reduce drug development costs and bring better therapies to market faster.


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