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Custom Training Videos

Your trial, your sites, your training.


  1. Tailored to your team’s unique needs, processes and learning interests for eCOS.
  2. Saves staff time.
  3. Utilizes our training tracking module to manage and prove site training 

Watch our sample to get a sneak peak into our custom training.

It’s no wonder “adaptive learning” is all the rage in the training world. After all, the more students can customize how, where and when they acquire fresh knowledge and skills, the more likely they are to fully embrace their training. (Translation? They’ll actually complete it - and everyone in the organization benefits from it.)signup_screenshot_small

With Customized Video Training from eClinicalOS (eCOS), you’re able to train your site users on your specific study needs. Explain workflows, site actions and expectations while walking your users through role-specific videos, viewing exactly what they see and do before they need to do it.

On-Target Content, Delivered On-Demand

magnification_screenshot_smalleCOS Customized Video Training is powered by Vimeo®, one of the world’s leading online video delivery platforms. Your eCOS users can access your training videos on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So whether they’re in the office or on the go, they always have ready access to content that will enhance their productivity in eCOS (which leads naturally to greater efficiency in your overall trial management).

Unlike canned, off-the-shelf learning solutions, our targeted videos cover what’s most important to you. You can complement in-person training with detailed, step-by-step instructional pieces, or simply review key highlights through a series of “quick refresher”-style videos. Either way, it’s your processes, your procedures and your areas of interest that are front and center.

Where to Begin?

How about a “Getting Started” video that puts your team on the right path right from the start? Or dive straight in to any of these topics:

  • Role-based system use and instruction
  • Understanding queries and intra-study communication
  • Instructions (by role) on how to receive or complete assigned tasks
  • Understanding your workflow
  • General guidelines for entering and signing data
  • System navigation and help

objectives_screenshot_smallNo matter what content you select, with these or any other eCOS-training videos, it’s like our team is right in the room with yours.

Smart Productions, Made Smartly

We follow a simple, stepwise, time-tested process for ensuring your training videos deliver the most impact and are delivered within four weeks.

  • Planning + Kickoff
    Our team works closely with yours to identify the study-specific topics that are your most critical training needs.
  • Script Development
    We draft a voiceover script that not only covers the right content, but also fits hand-in-glove with your organization’s overall tone and training approach.
  • Screen-Sequence Recording
    An on-screen walkthrough of each step in the process for your study is recorded.
  • Production/Editing
    Screen sequences are assembled to share concise, informative content with every trainee.
  • Voiceover Recording
    We supplement each edited screen sequence with a voiceover to improve understanding and retention.
  • Rough Cut
    You receive a complete video for review, including a time code stamp that makes it easy for you to share specific feedback with us.
  • Final Cut
    Your finished video is loaded and available immediately within eCOS.

Priced to Move You Forward

With eCOS Customized Video Training tailored to the way you manage your trials and utilization of our training tracking feature, you will be amazed at your site adoption and compliance. Plus, you can combine our standard video packages to capitalize on economies of scale and maximize value from your investment in eCOS.

Call out “Action!” today, and together, we’ll direct a training production designed to turn your next study--and every one after that--into epic successes.


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For more information about our Custom Training Video Services, please contact a member of our Customer Accounts Team at 888.665.3607 or email us at info@eclinicalos.com