Pricing Model

CTMS for Investigators' Visit-Based Pricing Matches How You Conduct Business

Was there ever anything “model” about traditional CTMS pricing models? User-, site- or study-based pricing seemed only to yield complexity and dissatisfied site managers and clients.

CTMS for Investigators has changed all that with a new, from-the-ground-up pricing approach that complements how you conduct business – the Merge CTMS for Investigators Visit-Based Pricing Plan.

It’s simple, just like the name implies. Visit-Based Pricing depends on the number of annual completed patient visits. You don’t pay for visits that are missed, dropped or cancelled. 

The result is a plan that delivers:
  • Unlimited users, studies and sites/departments
  • A plan that doesn’t change with every new study or employee
  • Volume pricing – as your plan size increases, your price per visit decreases
  • Track and invoice by study or site, based on how many visits are completed for each
  • Enter previous studies and visits into CTMS for Investigators at no cost
  • 24/7/365 product and technical support
Tracked and Tiered Pricing

Once we’ve determined how many patient visits your organization completes each year, our team will suggest the visit plan tier that best suits you. As your needs change, your plan changes along with it. It’s just that easy.

Tailored Training

Our approach to training is pretty simple. We believe you should pay only for the training you need when you need it. So with CTMS for Investigators, you pay for start-up training that’s customized to your specific organization. After that, any follow-up training and additional costs are entirely up to you.

License Options

On Demand is a cloud-based SaaS model where we securely host your data so you have access through any Web-enabled device. All updates and maintenance are automatic.  On Premise lets you purchase and host the software on your internal servers with a nominal annual support and maintenance fee.
  • No need to worry about costs or maintenance of hardware, software, updates, backups, etc.
  • Secure solution that is scalable for your organization.
  • Easily add in new users, sites, and studies at no cost.
  • More control of the environment for purposes of interfaces and add-on customizations; very scalable.
  • Control of all hardware, servers and databases.
  • All data is stored on your servers.


  • Organizations of all sizes that don't have or want to commit IT resources for an on-premise implementation (or who have unique budget needs). 
  • Organizations that want to start with the SaaS version and migrate to an on-premise option, if the need arises.
  • Organizations with few complicated custom-interface needs.


  • Larger organizations that want full control over their hardware, the system and where data is stored.
  • Organizations that need custom configuration or interface needs and have the IT resources and budget to implement them.
Unlimited users, studies, sites and departments
Product and technical support for all users – 24/7/365 by phone and email
All software updates (usually four times a year)
Annual review of your system use to increase or decrease your plan, as needed

Power up your site management today 

How will you put CTMS for Investigators to work? Try “efficiently,” “cost-effectively” and, our personal favorite, “with less effort than you could ever imagine.”

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