CTMS for Sites

Centralize, organize and streamline your research

Feature-rich, and scalable, CTMS for Sites is an ideal solution for independent sites, site networks and site management organizations as well as hospitals and academic and government research centers. With just a few clicks, the platform helps you assess study viability, negotiate more profitable contracts, streamline patient recruitment, centralize scheduling and visit tracking, manage billing and assess your overall financial and operational performance.

Best of all, CTMS for Sites offers:

  • No limit on allowed user accounts, studies and sites/departments
  • Volume pricing—as your plan size increases, your price per visit decreases
  • The ability to enter previous studies and subject visits at no cost
  • A plan that doesn’t change with each new study or employee
  • An easy-to-use interface that helps you accrue revenue in only a few clicks when a patient visit is completed
  • Visit-based pricing so you don’t pay for visits that are missed, dropped or canceled
  • 24x7x365 product and technical support

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CTMS for Sites

Get More Control

Negotiate from a position of strength and manage virtually every study detail – with ease

Get More Confidence

Skip the risk that comes with expensive up-front capital costs with our volume-based pricing model


Enjoy More Convenience

Do more – custom reports, financial management, revenue tracking, compliance assurance – in less time with fewer resources

IBM CTMS for SitesUpdated Frequently

We are constantly evaluating—and improving—the system in response to customer feedback. Some of our recent upgrades allow our users to:

  • Document Study Coverage Analysis on customizable questionnaires
  • Capture billing notes, protocol location and billing modifiers in procedure-level fields
  • Access and add checks across all studies right from the Admin screen
  • Filter a list of selectable studies more easily by hiding inactive studies
  • Recognize when the invoice paid doesn’t match the original invoice value

Experience a measurable difference—From the bottom line to the top

You can tailor CTMS for Sites to your specific needs. Built from the ground up to track a comprehensive range of study details, it’s one of the most useful and user-friendly site management software available.

Assess study feasibility

  • Review projected profit/loss estimates for potential studies
  • Search your database with study inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify qualified patients
  • Track and evaluate all study types

Negotiate more profitable contractsIBM CTMS for Sites

  • Check profitability of potential studies based on procedure, visit, study levels and varying number of patients
  • Align study budgets with study contracts
  • Project whether grant requests will cover estimated study expenses before study start-up
  • Estimate budgeting for non-visit related items and pass-through costs

Manage patient recruitment

  • Create inclusion/exclusion searches, or set up custom, expression-based queries to mine your database for potential study participants
  • Add patients and store searchable demographic and other relevant subject data on a customizable Patient Profile
  • Track patient interactions and recruitment source effectiveness

Promote HIPAA, billing and protocol compliance

  • Differentiate between research and standard-of-care procedures to achieve billing compliance
  • Support multiple procedure charge masters for procedure billing type and amount
  • Support HIPAA, billing, protocol and regulatory processes

Track outcomes, revenue and profitability

  • Build itemized single- and multi-site budgets
  • Budget for study and visit/procedure level costs and charges
  • Account for overhead, and set up holdback percentages and payment terms
  • Track revenue and internal cost accruals as patient visits are recorded
  • Identify quickly what a sponsor owes
  • Capture often-missed revenue such as incentives, IRB expenses, fees and other pass-throughs
Automate financial documents
  • Share study results through customized or standard reports, including one-click output to Microsoft Excel
  • Generate invoices directly in Microsoft Word format