CTMS for Investigators

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Merge Healthcare developed the industry’s first Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) more than 20 years ago to help investigators optimize the business of clinical research. Today, our commitment holds fast: to give site professionals everything they need to budget, organize, manage, track and report studies like never before.

CTMS for Investigators offers everything you need to make your site’s clinical operations and financial performance world-class. And all in an affordable subscription model you can turn on and off at your convenience. 

Experience a Measurable Difference – From the Bottom Line to the Top



Get More Control

Merge, an IBM Company's Clinical Trial Software gives users more control
Negotiate from a position of strength and manage virtually every study detail – with ease

Get More Confidence

Merge, an IBM Company's Clinical Trial Software skips up front costs
Skip the risk that comes with expensive up-front capital costs with our volume-based pricing model


Enjoy More Convenience

Merge, an IBM Company's Clinical Trial Software gives better CTMS reporting
Do more – custom reports, financial management, revenue tracking, compliance assurance – in less time with fewer resources

IBM Clinical Trial Management System for Investigators (CTMS)Intel on your side

CTMS for Investigators is like a central intelligence hub, facilitating collaboration and coordinated communications among the different groups involved in making a trial successful. Working alone or in tandem with your eClinical solution(*), CTMS for Investigators is perfect for:

  • Independent research sites
  • Site management organizations
  • Site networks
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Academic research centers
  • Government research agencies

(*) Rest assured, CTMS for Investigators plays nice with others (including eClinicalOS, of course)

No Detail Too Small

CTMS for Investigators gives you the power to tailor the platform to your site's specific needs and systems. Built from the ground up to be the most useful and user-friendly site management software on the market, CTMS for Investigators offers:Merge, An IBM Company Clinical Trial Development (CTMS)

  • Out-of-the-Box Integration: Interface with your other systems
  • Customize It: Craft CTMS for Investigators to suit your organization by customizing 
  • Scale Easily: CTMS for Investigators is designed to grow as you grow. 
  • Personalized Training: Address your organization’s unique learning style and needs through training sessions tailored for you.
  • Support: Access in-house experts for technical and product support 24/7/365.
  • Tailored Reports: Generate customized reports to suit your needs.
  • Online Manual: Tap into step-by-step user’s guide anytime you need.

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If you think you should be getting more – more use, more efficiency and more profitability – from your CTMS, we’d love to talk. And if you haven’t yet tapped the many benefits a comprehensive CTMS offers, we’d definitely love to talk.

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CTMS for Investigators: Implement. Optimize. Thrive. 

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