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When you really want the “real world” to intrude on your study, the Cohorts Module for eCOS provides the perfect invitation.


  1. Capture valuable data on specific study subgroups you define
  2. Better monitor drug dosage and effects per subject group
  3. Configure key variables in minutes, accelerating your study design

In era of benchmarks and dashboards, metrics and KPIs, it makes sense that researchers are eager to harvest new clinical outcomes data from every possible field. And it only follows that they’d find a natural ally in the Cohorts Module in eClinicalOS (eCOS) from Merge Healthcare.

Cohorts allows you to better replicate in your study how a new drug may be used in practice (i.e., in real-world settings) with specific patient groups. In turn, you’ll be better positioned to minimize the impact that the differences in those groups may create when you’re analyzing outcomes of your trial procedures.

With Cohorts from eCOS, you can:

  • Quickly create subject groups by classifying patients according to specific criteria you can set (like those with similar demographics or medical histories, for example); you can even lock cohorts individually.

  • Run different tests and reports on specific subject groups that share the same endpoints.

  • Better monitor drug dosage and effects based on subject group assignment.

  • Give control of the module to your clinical study team, which both empowers them to manage the study and eliminates the need for a study designer to administer cohorts for each small change.

  • Remove cumbersome, time-consuming and risky “work-arounds.”

  • Dramatically reduce study design time by capitalizing on your power to configure cohort processes yourself.

  • Collect group-specific information—on everything from efficacy and safety to quality of life and patient-reported outcomes—that can prove invaluable to researchers, practitioners, regulators and patients down the road.

When your innovative therapy begins to get measured against current standards of care, the eCOS Cohorts Module can help ensure you’re well-supplied with the rich, reliable data demanded in today’s evidence-based environment.

Note: Cohorts ties to the eCOS electronic data capture (EDC) function seamlessly and makes use of the eCOS Advanced Expression Editor. 


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