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Advanced Expression Editor

Since clinical research can trace its roots to the very first “if, then” expression, we’re proud to share one of our own: “If you use the eCOS Advanced Expression Editor, then you’ll make simple work of your most complex queries.”


  1. Create complex expressions with ease
  2. Eliminate the need for special programming skills
  3. Capitalize on real-time results and error-testing to refine queries

When evaluating most electronic data capture (EDC) systems, you ultimately face an unenviable choice: Pick a no-frills solution that lacks the power to generate custom queries or choose a cumbersome, over-engineered one that saps the joy (and time and productivity) right out of advanced data analysis.

With the Advanced Expression Editor in eClinicalOS (eCOS), you get the best of both worlds: An intuitive, visually rich editor that provides you with the flexibility to construct sophisticated, multivariate queries.

Simple or Smart? We’re Up for Both.

When you turn on our Advanced Expression Editor during your study design, a host of valuable features will quickly turn up, including:

  • A new and improved user interface
    Drag-and-drop, right-click, copy-and-paste—all the ordinary conventions make for a most extraordinary user experience. Everything feels totally natural as you build and edit each new expression.

  • Instant logic
    With the Advanced Expression Editor, logic is generated automatically: As you construct your queries inside the highly visual interface, accompanying code for those expressions appear directly above your diagrams. Instant error testing: At any point, you can activate a test-run of any system query or edit check and instantly assess the impact of your data, giving you both dynamic, real-time results and error detection.

  • Unlimited Characters
    Construct your expressions with all the conditions you need, without worry about a character limit during system queries, auto calc, visit schedule rule, etc.

  • Operator Coalesce
    The Advanced Expression Editor returns the first non-null expression from all the arguments you configure with the operator coalesce. The “IfThenElse” operator returns the first non-null expression from all the arguments you configure with the coalesce.

  • Site Information Operators
    Capture valuable site information—like Site Name, Site ID, Country and Region, etc.—through a helpful “SiteProperly” operator (a capability that proves particularly powerful when used in conjunction with the optional Cohorts Module from eCOS).

Advance Your Efficiency—Without Having to Advance Your Programming Skills

As with pretty much every feature in eCOS, the power’s in your hands. You just toggle back and forth between our Basic Expression Editor and the Advanced Expression Editor to suit the needs of each study. The terminology stays the same, as does the workflow every eCOS user has come to know (and love). And whichever option you choose, the experience is the same: More work done easier, pure and simple.

That’s what we call “smart research.”


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