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IBM Clinical Development

IBM® Clinical Development from Watson Healthlets you capture, manage, and analyze clinical study data with more control, convenience and confidence than ever before. That’s why researchers worldwide trust IBM Clinical Development as their go-to study management solution. 

While electronic data capture (EDC) is the core of IBM Clinical Development, this robust solution offers more than a dozen powerful options – from randomization, dispensing, and reporting to risk-based monitoring, ePRO and endpoint adjudication

IBM Clinical Development can be used for any therapeutic area and trial type, from early phase and large registry to academic research and investigator-initiated studies. It’s a common operating platform that ties together every aspect of data management – with uncommon ease.






Increase the efficiency and control of data management and study operations.

  • Track progress from study initiation through close-out through by leveraging a dashboard comprising user-defined progress indicators, on-demand status reports and more.
  • Generate role-based permissions across study functions so data can be accessed only by authorized individuals.
  • Streamline study activities through customized workflows, digital data capture (including ePRO, source documents and endpoint details), customized alerts, automatic inventory control and more.
  • Choose from ready-made templates or configure specific reports tailored to your specifications in a range of formats, including Excel, Access, SAS, XML and CSV.

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Endpoint adjudication

Endpoint Adjudication

Exclusive to IBM Clinical Development. Checking every box is easier for all.



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CTMS for sites

CTMS for Sites

Become a high enroller (without having to be a high roller).


Customer Testimonials

  • IBM Clinical Development is undoubtedly one of best software vendors I have ever worked with. Not only do they have a great product, but every member of the team is skilled and experienced in their unique discipline and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t thank them enough for all their great work to date, and I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.”

    - Project Systems Manager

  • "I have to admit, starting a new clinical trial with a perfect EDC system is still not that easy, but with the help of IBM Clinical Development we did it. The team was a great help, which made all this EDC work so much more simple for me and our team."

    -Director of Research

  • "I cannot believe what I just saw. You guys are highly organized, and I thought I was going to a simple EDC system today, not one this rich!"

    -New Customer on their first IBM Clinical Development study

  • "We are speaking about IBM Clinical Development for a few of our clients. We are going to be building an entire go-to-market strategy with this product. We had a great internal meeting and we all pushed hard for this solution, after our project managers were able to build a study without any programmers. Unbelievable!"

    -CRO Partner, seeing the efficiency of one person building an entire study

  • "Having spent the last 20 years working in the industry and with EDC systems since their start in the mid 1990s I am rarely impressed. However, having taken the time to work through the on line training I do think IBM has an EDC product with Clinical Development that is going to differentiate itself in the market place as a low entry cost, full featured and easy to use EDC system."

    -EDC Consultant, charged with selecting tool of choice for various clients

  • "Thank you for the very rapid response! I am pleased with the capabilities you outlined already, and I am even more excited about the evolution of the product in the future."

    -Customer/Director of Data Management

  • "We did our site initiation today. And at first blush, they were really excited with IBM Clinical Development. Everyone commented that the system looked pretty intuitive and was very user friendly."

    -New Customer / First IBM Clinical Development Study, conducting training with their Sites

  • "I am completely on-board with the IBM Clinical Development vision. In my past, I have been a DM, designer/software programmer for in-house DM systems, consultant, and now in management. I am a techie geek at heart so I am happy to see that someone else had the brainy idea to create a largely pre-programmed EDC system. Traditional costs for EDC scare folks away and they resort to paper. Kudos to your group for launching at this price-point."

    -New Customer / Evaluator of IBM Clinical Development