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CTMS for Investigators

Getting the fundamentals right is the foundation of any successful research study, and the core of those fundamentals is a winning CTMS solution. That’s where CTMS for Investigators from Merge Healthcare comes in. Feature-rich, scalable and secure, CTMS for Investigators streamlines the study management process and helps you organize and centralize your clinical research by:
  • Assessing study feasibility and negotiating more profitable contracts
  • Managing patient recruitment more effectively than ever and become known as a “high enroller”
  • Managing financials and profitability with comprehensive budgeting, revenue tracking and invoicing
  • Ensuring quick user adoption with tab-based navigation, user-customizable fields, and fewer clicks to enter, view and report data
  • Want to do more? No problem. CTMS for Investigators gives you a host of other tools.

Assess Study Feasibility

  • Review projected profit/loss estimates for potential studies using the Budget Analysis tool
  • Search your database with study inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify the number of patients who may qualify for potential studies
  • Track all study types, including industry, investigator-initiated, cooperative and sub-award studies

Negotiate More Profitable Contracts

  • Use the Budget Analysis tool to check profitability of potential clinical research studies based on procedure, visit and study level amounts as well as varying number of patients
  • Increase profitability using the Budget Analysis tool to assess and reassess profitability during the negotiation process
  • Align study budgets with study contracts
  • Determine investigator-initiated costs before study start-up and whether grant requests will cover study expenses before submissions
  • Ensure budgeting for non-visit related items, including source document creation, document retrieval and return to storage, and SAE reporting

Manage Patient Recruitment 

  • Create quick inclusion/exclusion searches, or set up custom, expression-based queries to mine your database for potential study participants
  • Quickly add patients, storing searchable demographic, and other relevant patient information on a customizable medical history form
  • Track patient interactions and recruitment source effectiveness

Ensure HIPAA, Billing & Protocol Compliance

  • Differentiate between research and standard-of-care procedures to achieve billing compliance.
  • Support HIPAA, billing, protocol and regulatory compliance, including authenticated access, feature-by-feature permissions, session termination, user-activity auditing, and password strength requirements, encryption and expiration.

Track Outcomes, Revenue & Profitability

  • Report results to key stakeholders with standard and customizable reports, and one-click to Microsoft Excel®
  • Build itemized single and multi-site budgets
  • Budget for study and visit/procedure level costs and charges, using grid-style screens that match sponsor documents
  • Account for overhead, and set up holdback percentages and payment terms
  • Accrue and track real-time revenue and internal cost accruals by simply recording patient visits
  • Generate invoices directly in Microsoft Word® format
  • Ensure you get paid for all study activity, quickly and accurately identifying amounts owed by sponsors and CROs
  • Recover difficult to track and frequently missed revenue, such as study incentives, IRB, fees, and other pass throughs

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